Frequently Asked Questions

What is Altcoin Fantasy?

Altcoin Fantasy will let you test your skills as a cryptocurrency trader. We are a free cryptocurrency simulation platform that allows you to make virtual trades. Compete in crypto picking contests to win prizes. No experience needed!

How does Altcoin Fantasy work?

You start with virtual cash in USD currency to spend on cryptocurrencies. Make your picks from the coins out there you think will perform the best. Adjust your holdings throughout the contest. The players with the highest net worth at the end wins!

How much does this cost? What's the catch?

Nothing! Companies sponsor our contests for the most part. For certain contests, you may need to agree to accept marketing communication from them but you'll always be able to opt-out.

What do I need to get started?

It depends on the coin you win. You might need to create a wallet for the coin that you win, or you may need to sign up for a Coinbase account, which is a wallet for your cryptocurrencies. Don't have a Coinbase account? Sign up for one here. After you sign up for Coinbase, register with Altcoin Fantasy. When we ask for your Coinbase e-mail address later in the process, enter it then.

Do you really pay out? This is a game that really pays out?

Yes! Just ask our previous winners on our Discord chat channel! We pay out and post our winners every week.

I won something, what now?

Now you wait for an email from Winners will be sent an email with a form to fill-out. Emails are usually sent out within 24 hours after the contest ends.

How long do I have to wait before I get my Prize winnings?

It takes about 2 days to get all the information we need from the winners. Once we have all the info, it will usually be 24-48 hours after that. So roughly around 4 days.

That's such a long time! Why do I have to wait so long!

We validate each winner's trade to make sure that the trades are accurate. We also email and wait for all the winners to get back to us before we are able to do anything. We send out the prizes to all the winners at the same time.

Where are you going to send my winnings?

Depending on the criteria of the contest, it can be one of 2 places. - Coinbase - A wallet address

What is Coinbase?

Coinbase is a secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital currency. It's a wallet.

How do I create a Coinbase wallet?

Sign up with Coinbase here

Will you need my Coinbase address?

No need. We just ask for the email address you signed up with Coinbase.

What other wallets do you accept?

Depending on the contest, we may require you to have an ERC20 compatible wallet.

What is an ERC20 compatible wallet?

An Ethereum wallet that can accept tokens.

Where can I find such a wallet?

The following examples below are ERC20 compatible wallets. To find out how to set up one, kindly browse on Youtube or ask Google. - MyEtherWallet (no download needed) - MetaMask (Firefox and Chrome browser addon) - Mist (Desktop) - Parity (Desktop) - imToken (iPhone) - imToken (Android) - Trust(iPhone) - Trust(Android) - Cipher(iPhone) - Cipher(Android)

What if the contest requires a specific wallet for the Coin or Token.

We will give instructions on how to set up the specific wallet if there is a need.
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