How much is 1 ZER to NEC?

1 Zero (ZER) is 0.00819988 Nectar Token (NEC).

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updated 1 minute ago

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About Zero

ZERO is fork of Zcash (Zcash is fork of Bitcoin). It has security of Bitcoin, privacy of Zcash and few other improvements. ZERO includes the best privacy and anonymity technology available today. Zero was created by zerocurrency in February 2017 as a means to improve Zcash's features. Soon after its creation, the unknown developer lost interest and the project laid dormant until the end of year. A first community takeover took place by Demarsac in November 2017 and Zero was revived for a short period of time. As of April 2018, the community took over again, in another effort to implement more features and to allow more people to get actively involved. Our main focus as a team and community is to remain as transparent as we can possibly be, and to maintain an interactive relationship with everyone involved. We are fully open about the project, listening to all suggestions from investors, miners and supporters. Why Ƶero? ||PRIVACY|| Zero has a hard-coded option to use shielded transactions (Z) making it IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to track. Zero-Knowledge - "Succinct Non-interactive Arguments of Knowledge" (zk-SNARKs) ||ZERO TIME TRANSACTIONS|| Zero’s transaction times are faster than any other major cryptocurrency including but not limited to: Bitcoin, ETH, Zcash, Monero etc. You can send/receive funds literally under 2 minutes (even within seconds if no exchange is involved). ||ZERO COST|| Zero’s transaction fees are 0.0001 Zer and by far cheaper than any other major cryptocurrency. ||ZERO FOUNDERS FEE|| - NO PREMINE Zero has NO founder’s fee. Making Zero TRULY decentralized. 0% advantage for early adopters. No Pre-Mined Zero therefore people that buy or mine today have no disadvantages. ||ZERO BACKDOORS|| Zero uses state of the art elevated security protocols that surpass even the most famous cryptocurrencies in security. ||ZERO IS ECO-FRIENDLY|| - MINING Specialised ECO Mining Algorithm - Equihash 192 / 7 Mining operations for Zero require 25-30% less power consumption than ETH, ZCASH, XMR, or other equivalent crypto (this is because of the modified/improved equihash algorithm used) Verified with "Smart Plug Energy Monitoring Display". Block Size 4MB | Higher Time Complexity X16 | Higher Memory Requirements X16 Faster Block Verification X4 | Smaller Solutions 400 Bytes | (instead of 1344) ||INFLATION|| Small inflation that degrades over time. There is a stable supply of 7200 Zero per day. ||ASIC RESISTANT|| Zero is ASIC resistant meaning that it can’t be mined with big ASIC miners making it unprofitable for big farms with ASIC capacity.

ZER to NEC Price History
Date ZER (Zero) NEC (Nectar Token) Change %
2019-09-23 11:23:29 -0700 1 ZER 0.2009 -110.49%