How much is 1 XSN to ZRX?

1 Stakenet (XSN) is 0.075261 0x (ZRX).

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updated 53 seconds ago

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About Stakenet

Stakenet (XSN) is bringing cutting-edge Cross-Chain interoperability to blockchain using new technological advancements in the industry. It has already brought groundbreaking technology in the form of TPoS - Trustless Proof of Stake, the first in the world to do so. TPoS allows users to stake their coins via smart contracts. So you can stake your XSN from your cold wallet, removing any unnecessary security risk. Other technological advances XSN aims to bring are: * Segwit activation: We successfully implemented Segwit on 2018-08-01. * Lightning Network: We implemented LN with Segwit on 2018-08-01. Will build and innovate on top of it. It allows for instant, secure, infinitely scalable and practically free XSN transactions. * Atomic Swaps / Cold Exchanging * CCPoS: Cross-Chain Proof of Stake will allow you to stake XSN and earn the rewards in Bitcoin or other currencies in a trustless manner, with no intermediates or risks involved. * Privacy features: We are working to implement bulletproofed algorithms and an internal TOR network run by Masternodes. * Ledger Nano S support: You will be able to safely stake XSN from your Ledger Nano S. More hardware wallet support on the way. While XSN is the coin of the Stakenet ecosystem, the team is working on actual use cases and projects/apps built on top of it: * XSN Cloud: A platform featuring Staking-as-a-Service and other trustless blockchain services like Masternodes-as-a-Service, Masternodes monitoring, ROI Calculator, Merchants marketplace, et cetera. Can be found in * XSN Wallet: Our multi-currency wallet. Send, receive, stake or use the inbuilt DEX to trade any of your coins. Will also be compatible with hardware wallets. Think of it as the all in one place to operate with all of your coins stored in your hardware wallet. * XSN Light: Our light multi-currency wallet. You will be able to operate with your coins but with fewer functionalities since it will work without the need of downloading the entire blockchains data. * XSN Decentralized Exchange: We are building a Decentralized Exchange run by the XSN Masternode Network. First of its kind. * XSN Hardware wallet: We are working on our own hardware wallet that will be able to operate with our XSN Wallet. * DAPPs Our goal for Stakenet is to create the world’s first truly trustless, profit-driven economy with the use of TPoS, providing the highest level of network security using decentralized cold staking. And with the help of XSN Masternodes, that provides the network services in a truly decentralized world. The technology that is being built will serve as the foundation for a platform of Cross-Chain support that enables DAPPs to run across chains through the XSN Masternode Network and take advantage of the technological advancements XSN have made. We accomplished our main goal within a month after the launch date. It could be said that for the first time ever a user has minted on a PoS protocol safely and securely offline through TPoS (Trustless Proof of Stake). Providing security for not only the user but also the network as coins offline in our network provide extra security where other PoS coins do not. We are now pushing boundaries to expand our ecosystem of the XSN services and products. Our next big milestones for 2018 and 2019 is to launch our XSN Decentralized Exchange (DEX), Cross Chain Proof of Stake (CCPoS) and our new XSN Wallets to broaden the ecosystem and to make crypto assets more accessible and secure for the average user around the world.

XSN to ZRX Price History
Date XSN (Stakenet) ZRX (0x) Change %
2019-09-23 11:23:38 -0700 1 XSN 0.053482 73.27%
2019-03-13 20:02:08 -0700 1 XSN 0.11627 41.89%
2018-12-31 05:42:54 -0800 1 XSN 0.10078 49.64%