How much is 1 THC to ZRX?

1 HempCoin (THC) is 0.00227604 0x (ZRX).

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updated 9 seconds ago

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About HempCoin

HempCoin was among the first 30 currencies developed in 2014 and is a highly focused digital currency built on the source of Bitcoin for the Agriculture/Farming Industry and Marijuana/Hemp Industry. Its use includes the Marijuana dispensaries and the entire Agriculture/Farming trade business.Upon inception, HempCoin was the only cryptocurrency for Agriculture, which is a trillion-dollar trade business worldwide. The vision was and remains for HempCoin to help facilitate transactions between farmers and distributors overseas.

THC to ZRX Price History
Date THC (HempCoin) ZRX (0x) Change %
2019-09-23 11:23:28 -0700 1 THC 0.016465 -172.36%
2019-03-13 20:01:47 -0700 1 THC 0.00971712 -60.73%