How much is 1 DGB to NEC?

1 DigiByte (DGB) is 0.0019577 Nectar Token (NEC).

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updated 22 seconds ago

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About DigiByte

DigiByte Community: The DigiByte Foundation is an unincorporated, decentralized community based on the DigiByte blockchain dedicated to support the DigiByte global blockchain through three pillars: education, outreach, and the development of open source cybersecurity cryptographic protocol built on top of the DigiByte public blockchain. DigiByte is being supported by a very large and decentralized community, Foundation, and Core team. We all believe in bringing open source and free to use cybersecurity solutions to the world. What is DigiByte: DigiByte bllockchain is it's own public UTXO blockchain, and the first one with SegWit, MultiAlgo mining and DigiShield. It's a 3 layer blockchain: - Applications Layer (top layer with applications) - Digital Asset / Public Ledger Layer (incentivizes the security of the platform) - Core Communications Protocol / Global Network Layer (bottom that supports all infrastructure) The DigiByte Cryptocurrency (DGB) was never an ICO (not an ERC20 token) and is being mined over time, with a max. supply of 21B in 2035. The most mature blockchain: DigiByte has been operational since 2014 and is now 4.5 years old. DigiByte is tried and tested with a provable track record. Many other blockchains have adopted DigiByte technology such as DigiShield. The Most Secure, and most decentralized blockchain: DigiByte cannot be hacked as there is no central server securing the system and instead is secured by a world-wide distributed node protocol – so there is never a single point of failure. To hack the system, one would have to attack all 200.000 nodes at the same time; this is impossible. This thanks to our five parallel cryptographic hashing algorithms (Proof of Work) which secure our network and make it truly un-hackable. The fastest blockchain: DigiByte allows for nearly instantaneous transactions (sends/receives) – 15 seconds for a first confirmation. DigiByte is currently 40x faster than Bitcoin and running at 560 transactions per second (TPS) and will attain 280.000 in 2035 through stable, planned growth; The cheapest blockchain: Fees on the DigiByte network are under 1/100 of a cent USD. dApps and Smart contracts on the DigiByte blockchain: On top of the DigiByte Blockchain, the Applications Layer, dApps and Smart Contracts can be built. An example is Digi-ID, an open source free to use cryptographic identity system which could potentially eliminate usernames and passwords or even run parallel to them. ( Another example is DiguSign that allows you to securely store, notarize, validate and secure documents in the DigiByte blockchain. ( Awareness and mass adoption: More and more people are taking interest in DigiByte – including Ivy League schools such as Harvard and MIT both at which Jared Tate our Founder was invited to give talks on DigiByte at. DigiByte is an entity that prides itself in under promising and over delivering. Also recently UTRUST, a cryptocurrency payments gateway, has announced implementation with DigiByte Blockchain. UTRUST will add DigiByte cryptocurrency to its payment options. The integration offers a secure payment solution and result in the mass adoption of the everyday use of cryptocurrency in e-commerce. Exchanges: DigiByte is getting quite some attention lately, for very good reasons. With that we see increasing trading volumes, and a rapidly rising Market Cap. position. DigiByte is present on over 70+ exchanges worldwide; now with hundreds possible fiat pairings.

DGB to NEC Price History
Date DGB (DigiByte) NEC (Nectar Token) Change %
2021-01-26 04:42:47 -0800 1 DGB 0.023794 -4.42%
2021-01-24 07:04:14 -0800 1 DGB 0.02527 -10.9%
2021-01-22 09:50:02 -0800 1 DGB 0.022188 2.62%
2021-01-21 20:40:27 -0800 1 DGB 0.022188 2.62%
2021-01-18 17:48:19 -0800 1 DGB 0.027517 -20.76%
2021-01-09 16:25:38 -0800 1 DGB 0.031646 -38.88%
2021-01-09 10:21:30 -0800 1 DGB 0.030706 -34.76%
2021-01-06 06:40:12 -0800 1 DGB 0.028553 -25.31%
2020-12-29 12:29:51 -0800 1 DGB 0.024493 -7.49%
2020-12-29 04:33:04 -0800 1 DGB 0.025044 -9.91%