How much is 1 BBK to ZRX?

1 Bitblocks (BBK) is 0.00047661 0x (ZRX).

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updated 13 seconds ago

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About Bitblocks

BitBlocks is competitor of NANO. A community Bitblocks powered proof-of-staking cryptocurrency that offers security, rewards, lightning fast transactions and absolutely no fees! bitblocks is not anonymous. the rate is forced to 0. There will always be reward. the minimum is 0.1 bbk per block for POW and 1% per year for POS - Supply Max. 500m With POS 1% per year. It would take many years to reach the maximum of coins. Our philosophy is to carry out transactions from person to person. Transaction in the blockchain with zero rate and blocks of 15 seconds. Currently the Bitblocks network supports about 930 transactions per second.

BBK to ZRX Price History
Date BBK (Bitblocks) ZRX (0x) Change %
2019-09-23 11:23:40 -0700 1 BBK 0.00185845 -13.44%