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Do you want to learn how to trade crypto risk-free? Try our free crypto trading simulator and win real prizes such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and much more in our weekly trading competitions. $500 USD in Bitcoin in this week's contest!

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Learn and practice trading cryptocurrencies without risking real money.

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Trade in our weekly competitions with our simulator.

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Do you want to learn how to trade crypto risk-free?

Try our free crypto trading simulator game and win real prizes such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and much more in our trading competitions without risking real money. $500 USD in Bitcoin


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Free cryptocurrency trading simulator with real-time prices. Enter the crypto fantasy world, sharpen your trading skills and win real prizes. No experience needed. Absolutely Free.


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Hundreds of prizes each week
This Week's Featured Contest Sponsored by XSquared.io
  • Start with $10,000.00 in USD and trade your way to the top! Winners will win prizes and free crypto in our weekly contest. Top 100 traders will win! Absolutely free to play. Enter for a chance at free cryptocurrency and prizes.
  • Leaderboard

    1. alen031 $30033.81 USD
    2. ConsecratingRolder $27887.6 USD
    3. huii $27672.25 USD
    4. Ishaque $23395.35 USD
    5. DennisCryptoSg $22289.09 USD
    6. Ironsnickers $21872.62 USD
    7. emiguel $20910.4 USD
    8. zjohnz $19204.96 USD
    9. LeatherJonothor $18470.05 USD
    10. EndorsingJerusalemArtichoke $17233.02 USD
    11. RX7 $17168.52 USD
    12. azes34 $17052.06 USD
    13. spawn9859 $15390.36 USD
    14. Uwildie2dae $15225.87 USD
    15. chasecash $15000.76 USD
    16. CreepingCharlie5 $14945.06 USD
    17. lourenz2993 $14529.46 USD
    18. Moideenpaloth $14440.01 USD
    19. Chrizz_Beatz $14327.34 USD
    20. carefree-philosophy18643 $14296.72 USD
    21. HoppingJason $14057.78 USD
    22. Delphini_Daedulus $13757.62 USD
    23. Edzixx $13631.35 USD
    24. AerodynamicWynafryd $13359.58 USD
    25. SerJimmysGr $13294.24 USD
    26. AgentMagog3 $13245.11 USD
    27. Jonny $13205.11 USD
    28. AwesomeRex $13122.26 USD
    29. DumpingBloodOranges $13061.46 USD
    30. BPasint $12945.01 USD
    31. Redhotlady42 $12849.65 USD
    32. BronzeTeddy $12834.24 USD
    33. Yomuddas $12789.14 USD
    34. sexyjono $12657.04 USD
    35. THUGBOT $12586.75 USD
    36. Leathertomatoes $12514.93 USD
    37. WatchDiamond35 $12508.05 USD
    38. koabear $12495.92 USD
    39. elmo72513 $12487.96 USD
    40. WayToGoLoser $12419.62 USD
    41. DoctorJolt5 $12382.15 USD
    42. GiantFirestar1 $12361.72 USD
    43. PaperBrutus $12330.1 USD
    44. SilveryButterflyEffect $12177.33 USD
    45. AccompanyingNectarines $12148.87 USD
    46. chicadepanem $12057.9 USD
    47. BossGame $11757.28 USD
    48. makcinge $11727.0 USD
    49. varcolak $11725.9 USD
    50. Oliv25 $11650.61 USD

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We've worked with previous sponsors to bring you exciting trading competitions with prizes going out to the top traders each week.


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BRD is the simple and secure onramp to bitcoin, ethereum, and other digital currencies and is listed on major crypto exchanges such as Binance.


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Trading View is the premier social site with Live quotes, free charts and expert trading ideas. TradingView is a social network for traders and investors on traditional and cryptocurrency markets!



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Etherbots is a Dapp that allows users to build and collect robots. The parent company of Etherbots own partly owned by Coinbase.


Press Coverage

Altcoin Fantasy has announced that Cyberport, the organization in which the Hong Kong SAR government wholly owns, will be supporting the company in its latest intake. Cyberport is the flagship program for Hong Kong’s digital tech industry and Cyberport focuses on building key clusters of digital technology, namely FinTech and others. In addition to funding provided by the programme, Altcoin Fantasy will receive support from a variety of industry leaders for partnership opportunities...

Tommy (our awesome dev), was just recently interviewed by the amazing Crypto-Current podcast team! He’s now a crypto celebrity, yey!
In the interview, they discuss the birth of Altcoin Fantasy, How Tommy got into Crypto as well as what future plans we have...